Wednesday, December 14, 2005

So inspired

A fortune teller once told me that I was surrounded by negative people. Last night I went into a conversation with my roommates, I realized I'm a fairly optimistic person...With the occasional bouts of self deprecation sprinkled in, but they always seemed to find something that could go wrong with EVERYTHING, I realized that most of the things they would commonly bring up where things that were at the back of my mind... For example since we live in New York one knows "x" Street his filled with (insert crime here) but you don't often think about it, or at least you try not to, inevitably if I were with said roommate a story about how seedy "x" street is would come up and fear would well up in me, perhaps increasing the chance that something could happen?... One room mate calls this the "Wile-e-coyote" effect, after the WB cartoon where the character wouldn't realize he'd just ran off a cliff until he looked down. I guess in my world I would love to continue running and not ever look down. Whew... All that inspired this... I sorta went off tangent but if the mood strikes me and this ever gets recorded... It needs some cleaning up... Hence it fits perfectly here!

All hail, raise a glass to Misters Doom and Gloom.
Friends till the end

What will they do when the world stops being funny?
What will they say if I let a little sun shine in?

Grief pales, to Misters Doom and Gloom
The world going up in flames is never enough

Why cry about destruction? If we can leave faith to the lost.
Will it all come crashing down on the eve of tomorrow? Or happen now?

Lets Change Misters Doom and Gloom
Would you die? Through optimistic eyes

Glazed over to overturn the pain , let a little sunshine in.
And I never noticed these things 2x
Until they were pointed out

What happens to your inner self when you're surrounded by misery?
Answer me this question Can there ever laughter when constantly surrounded by pain?
It's all making sense now why he tries to smile but can't so

All hail, Misters Doom and Gloom
Friends till the end


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