Wednesday, August 10, 2005

To walk or proceed, especially in an easy or casual manner.

I've class today, I've some homework I had to do... you could say I procrastinated.
I'll look at it this way... I didn't sweat it inspiration would, eventually.
We picked song topics from out of a hat: we were assigned chords how easy is that???
my topic: Black Boots

ok so I went a little of topic, way off topic... but I see it as thinking out side of the box.

Oh oh..oh oh oh oh

Tell me all about the colors of the world
Show me places where I don’t dare go
Dress me up she said
Dress me up she said
soI don't go out looking sorry.

Tell me there more to life than this
Tell me I don’t have to know everything at all
Come on I wanna go to the park and play
And play my life around you and yours
We could see the sun shine
We could watch the world go by
We could take every thing in stride

I’ve got the black boots you brought me
I’ve got the leather lipstick case
I’ve got the sun shining at the back of my shoulders
There’ll be no more rain

We’ll talk about the world
Gather up more clothes
We’ll talk about the world

I'm sure I'll tweak this before class

sa·shayed, sa·shay·ing,

What’s the good word?
What the solution to all this noise?
Where’s the fire where’s the terror
Is there anyone you need to know about?
What’s the here and now?

Here we go here we go once again on the catwalk
I want to buy a gross of those
Catch me walking in to work with those rags you where
They fit in everywhere.

And if I close my eyes will it all go away?
And if I close my eyes
I could share it there, everywhere… coming in home

And I sashayed down the street
Hardly looking at my feet
Caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror
I look fineI know.


I and had another glass of wine
I know
I shouldn't had, we have to think of the kids
I know they'll be here soon

but if I look at you
stare straight into your eyes
I know that love has brought me here
again I know
love has brought me here again

I took my hand
caressed your hair as if it were the last time
the first time
the only time I would
ever again

You and me
We're polar opposites I see
I think you'd agree
there's nothing better
we're like magnets to this world
bringing everything just a bit closer
cause it's love
I know...
It’s love

I pour us both a glass of wine
it's the special kind
lets drink it up fast
I think I heard the bus pull in
Oh ya our
kids are home from school

So for some reason I found my self watching Greenday's Driven on Mtv last night... it sort of inspired that last one I can't help but hear Billy Joe sing it. NOT that he ever could...but you never know right?


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