Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Faded flavors...

So I go back to Song class today... later... after work...the day seems to be dragging along
there are too many people just standing around and talking... I'm breaking up my workload again I'm sure I'm missing something.

All was quiet on the western front
The war was sleeping for now
The rage and violence…was over and out

Mind over matter over rice and beans over world peace please
Less or equal too
Fade it fade out take it away…
When shame is a medal pinned to your chest I was so naïve naïve so saved


Bells go off in my head
Whats the reasoning behind all of this
All the yelling and shouting how do we get through the struggle now?
You say
Welcome home
There’s no time
There’s just a fall from grace

Oh I can’t complain
I have love and power
Such a strange combination now? Isn’t it ?
Isn’t it strange is it weird is it very odd in deed?

Maybe you don’t get it
Don’t you believe?
That my soul aches when I’m with out you
Smiling back at me
Why is all this so strange and new?at least it is to you

Oh I can’t complain
I have love and power
To compensate for these faded remainsOf the day

Ah me, well... I was bored really ....yes....well I saw four weddings and a funeral last night.
Ever sniffed a baby's head? they should bottle that smell....
though my roomate won't agree I swear my cat has that same smell.


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