Friday, February 27, 2009

Hmm it's been a while eh?


embrace me, show me, near me
holding patterns
I lay, in waiting.
empty promises
dry those eyes
nothing ever changes
and it's all as
it could be, should be comming
closer...harder wind screams
of pain and punishment
cold embrace
go away I stare in to empty rooms
loose my self in
some ones eyes and

Gordon, you should have known
weaved strained and spell was broken
there you go again
you disappoint an
you should know better.

Smiles you give,you should
fear me, hear me just for a while
stop and stare

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Daily Quote

Monday, November 19, 2007

Guess who's back, back again...

What better way to procrastinate from doing school work?

I claim nothing; I'm so blind to it
So dumb so called crazy
Showdown fall down
Shaking the cymbals
Taking it all in

and the worlds so simple
and the scenery changes
so we all fade to black

so distasteful such distain
so many places to see

I shell out money, I shell out tears
I hold everything in my left hand
Slowing down slowing down
I want the world to stop
Slow down

The Green room

In the grip of decay
It’s a lonely world without you
Stuck here in my own box
Falling in to my own black hole

Let’s watch how, I break all the rules
Let’s watch as I hold on to you
I’m only holding on for dear life
I’ll bet you don’t know me now, you don’t own me

Carefully watch the expression on your face,
As the day wastes a way
Everything just faded to black
Has someone turned out the lights?

And it’s ok, it’s all alright we’ve been here before
It’s a back room
Sorta back stage
It’s a green room
Somewhat gloomy

One after another

Mom digs in to her bag shoves some pennies into the homeless man's hands

something dirty this way comes
clouding up my mind.
something unclean fucking up my thoughts
time to unwind
push the images aside, have I crossed the ling?

Blind, so he claims. friend to the unwashed masses
Half way there,
watch them file in
one after another
just another ride on the "A" train.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Sunday, February 18, 2007

spit this off the top of me noggin

like the pounding fist on the door
the sound
to make me wake up from my stupor
to make me see what i did
what was right before my eyes
look out of the window and greet the rain with a bitter smile
and the pain I'll feel as I step outside in to it and
I am not a nice guy
cuz nice guys finish last.
it's 1:50am I have to pee and wake up early for work (not at the same time)

My confused look brings precious rain down upon our bodies
And holds back the man afraid of art
Afraid of change
He’s scared to open up his mind
Enjoy change
A bit of self destruction

Let me tell you a story…
Would you let me hold your hand while I tell it
Maybe if you get scared
We could be there together
To conquer madness
Or kiss it off to bed

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I've missed you

Sigh, not that anyone even reads this, or if ya do I don't hear from you.... ah me...
it's been a while, I've changed jobs, but alas I now have a career. Not really willing to go in to WHAT i do but I'm sure it will pop out in my lyrics. you'll figure it out eventually, if you really want to know that is...
But that said the OJT is what's taking my time now, it's a the following I just jotted down after looking at a friend's pic on Myspace.

Trying to shake my nasty obsession with born again christians
and people who have been saved look so hot
so fraggin cute
what's a sinner to do
but stay very far away
oh so very far away from the poison snake
so I wonder I ...
wonder why

You walk with confidence down the street and
here I stand confused with what you've found
when everyting is so painfully made up
so disloyal and how is this all supposed to help us any way?

You step in to the train and I stop and stare I need to stop this now
I needed to
wonder, I wonder, why I
stay very far away
from that poison snake offering me apples

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ahh yah

So I was talking to a friend the other night about writing lyrics with a work theme...
more unfished stuff no?...


The hum of the bees buzzing in my ears
I turned the radio off so I could hear you coming my way
Down the hall on the pavement of the worlds
Decaying trees all around me
Was it something I said?

Go away I’m afraid of the blood on the floor
On the walls
It’s like you chummed all the waters and now all the sharks are coming to feed
On me

Twist the lock close the door
This time
I’m not getting them started
A 9 to 5 was all that I ever asked you for.
Down the hall the office door closes
And I just got an email

Go away I’m afraid of the blood on the floor
On the walls
It’s like you chummed all the waters and now all the sharks are coming to feed
On me

I sit watching the winds blow
Thinking it over