Monday, July 25, 2005

I know this can turn in to something

Pretty Awful

Didn’t want you wasting your time looking at me
When I keep fighting this feel that the world’s laughing at me

You have no Idea
How hard it is to hear
Your second best
And things will never change
I don’t want to get up to face the pain
If I close my eyes I wonder who I’d blame

You have no Idea
How much I feared the reflection staring back at me
And things will never change

We all just look back and wonder who to blame?

And I blamed everyone but me…

I know I'm going to do something with this sooner or later, in a way I started it as a statement about self esteem ...really up my ally.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

They Might be Zombies

Hmm I've been away for much too long, lots of personal things happening... not really the forum for that sort of stuff no? on a lighter note it's just 3 more days till the new Harry potter book gets released...homework will have to wait. That said, lets find another from the vaults.

Such abuse of your power
Saw you there salivating
Am I beginning to understand?
What’s the use, I feel so powerless.

I’m convinced I’m Joe every man.
Hard to laugh at your self when you’re in pain

So (Oh)
Set the fire free
Let the rain in
Let the anger fill your body
Spit in the face of

Um yeah and what where you doing 3 years ago on this date? bet you woun't know either :)