Sunday, February 18, 2007

spit this off the top of me noggin

like the pounding fist on the door
the sound
to make me wake up from my stupor
to make me see what i did
what was right before my eyes
look out of the window and greet the rain with a bitter smile
and the pain I'll feel as I step outside in to it and
I am not a nice guy
cuz nice guys finish last.
it's 1:50am I have to pee and wake up early for work (not at the same time)

My confused look brings precious rain down upon our bodies
And holds back the man afraid of art
Afraid of change
He’s scared to open up his mind
Enjoy change
A bit of self destruction

Let me tell you a story…
Would you let me hold your hand while I tell it
Maybe if you get scared
We could be there together
To conquer madness
Or kiss it off to bed