Sunday, November 05, 2006

I've missed you

Sigh, not that anyone even reads this, or if ya do I don't hear from you.... ah me...
it's been a while, I've changed jobs, but alas I now have a career. Not really willing to go in to WHAT i do but I'm sure it will pop out in my lyrics. you'll figure it out eventually, if you really want to know that is...
But that said the OJT is what's taking my time now, it's a the following I just jotted down after looking at a friend's pic on Myspace.

Trying to shake my nasty obsession with born again christians
and people who have been saved look so hot
so fraggin cute
what's a sinner to do
but stay very far away
oh so very far away from the poison snake
so I wonder I ...
wonder why

You walk with confidence down the street and
here I stand confused with what you've found
when everyting is so painfully made up
so disloyal and how is this all supposed to help us any way?

You step in to the train and I stop and stare I need to stop this now
I needed to
wonder, I wonder, why I
stay very far away
from that poison snake offering me apples