Monday, November 19, 2007

Guess who's back, back again...

What better way to procrastinate from doing school work?

I claim nothing; I'm so blind to it
So dumb so called crazy
Showdown fall down
Shaking the cymbals
Taking it all in

and the worlds so simple
and the scenery changes
so we all fade to black

so distasteful such distain
so many places to see

I shell out money, I shell out tears
I hold everything in my left hand
Slowing down slowing down
I want the world to stop
Slow down

The Green room

In the grip of decay
It’s a lonely world without you
Stuck here in my own box
Falling in to my own black hole

Let’s watch how, I break all the rules
Let’s watch as I hold on to you
I’m only holding on for dear life
I’ll bet you don’t know me now, you don’t own me

Carefully watch the expression on your face,
As the day wastes a way
Everything just faded to black
Has someone turned out the lights?

And it’s ok, it’s all alright we’ve been here before
It’s a back room
Sorta back stage
It’s a green room
Somewhat gloomy

One after another

Mom digs in to her bag shoves some pennies into the homeless man's hands

something dirty this way comes
clouding up my mind.
something unclean fucking up my thoughts
time to unwind
push the images aside, have I crossed the ling?

Blind, so he claims. friend to the unwashed masses
Half way there,
watch them file in
one after another
just another ride on the "A" train.


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