Tuesday, June 21, 2005

It comes at the oddest times.

So I was on the train today and decided to put myself in a woman's POV of things around her... I probably failed miserably! So I figured I'd grab on to something familiar and it's the concept that lust must be universal...Ok women don't have the same sort of lust as men do... But I've been proven wrong before heck I've seen it. Anyway there was this ambiguously straight man, I mean right out of a muscle mag, I'm sure both men and women drool over him so I was inspired.
I wrote two of them in um....Wow 15 minutes so I'm only going to post one for now cuz I really really want to work on the other one, maybe for a class...Oh yah never mentioned this I'm aiming to take yet another songwriting course...We'll see where this one leads me.... Happens next month so keep an eye out for that.

Scene on a morning train

Heart of stone
Softens quickly

Go on run away
If you’re scared, don’t care

Dare to dream
Please believe me

I dare to dream them
To see

Hope to see you again

(sung over the above)
I open the morning paper
I see you watching over me
I close my eyes
You have to go away
I have to wash you away
Why does this always happen?
So you work on your body try and make it
But then you turn heads so did I ask for this?
Hey when did I ask for this?
I don’t dare
Share the world she/we sees
And I don’t care how I/she do/does it
Find a way to a mindful place I’ve go here
For me it’s so hard to see
The world
For what it its
When it’s there
So I Hope I don’t see you again

Two things are happening here, through the wonders of sound engineering you should hear two voices .


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