Monday, February 20, 2006

This has been on my Desktop for weeks

I heard some of the techs at work use this word so I grabbed it, and no its really really not finished...schoolwork has gotten in the way last week. According to wikipedia; A kernel panic is a message displayed by an operating system upon detecting an internal system error from which it cannot recover. Kernel panics often provide cryptic debugging information that is useful only to the developers of the operating system.

Kernel Panic

I’ve got to master my emotions
This thing
This suffering
This fear - this place
So alone
There was way to much (input)
There were festive party places
There were drinks over flowing
For the man you see before you
Floating here waiting for salvation
Its never coming I know.

See maybe I’ve gone overboard I had one too many
I’m afraid underneath this harsh exterior you may not see me
Wave away all the fishes, wave away all the fear.

I’m Kernel Panic


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