Wednesday, March 15, 2006

er...nothing really

Some people seem content about going to work and sitting there and doing nothing... don't know where I was going with that.
The followingis about no body in particular, if you see similarites your making it up cuz no one should ever be this twisted.


Standing here waiting for you to get to your point

Watching the time tick away

Everything you say is so fragging important


Draft me another letter, see if you can manage to say what you

Need to say.

Cut it down to 3 pages or less

I don’t need this stuff every day


Dam I cut myself, and dam I’ll blame someone else if I dammed you

Dam everything (dam it all to hell, to hell)

You should focus on how you express your self

That shirt doesn’t work with those pants.

You should have been there sooner than you did

Now see how they all beat ya to the punch.

I was just standing there waiting for you

to get to your point watching the time tick away


Watching time tick away


Watch time…


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